Rocky Conley - Owner


Rock Roofing has been in existence since 2004. Rocky A. Conley began as a laborer for a small roofing company and approximately 3 weeks later, was installing shingles. After 2 years of installing shingles and performing jobsite supervision for the company he was working with, the company he worked for folded due to personal issues with the owner. Two weeks later, with no idea where to work or what to do, Rocky received a phone call from a former contractor that he had previously worked for on past projects. He had called to ask if he would be interested in doing the roofs on the houses he started building, and Rocky agreed even though he did not have any tools of his own. He borrowed the tools he needed from a few friends that were in the profession, and installed the first 7 roofs entirely by himself. During this process he contacted all of the product manufacturers to ensure he was installing everything the right way so that the warranties would remain in place. He saved all of his earnings over this time and invested in a truck and the necessary equipment to operate his newly found roofing operation that was based on quality and professionalism. After ten years in business and working his workload up to over 250 roofs per year, Rocky has seen and been thru every situation possible on roof tops, and has exact knowledge on what needs to be done in every situation without guessing. Rock Roofing is a professional preferred installer for Lowes, and also a roofing inspection specialist for many companies. Anyone that personally knows, or who has worked with the Rock Roofing crew, appreciates the fact that they pride themselves in installing the absolute best roof possible on each and every job. No exceptions!